Whether privately owned or public by nature, a well thought out public space in both design and activations helps to promote a positive and prosperous community. Public spaces are where we gather, experience music & art, share in experiences along side strangers who later become friends.


“Placemaking requires a marathon mindset…” Jessica Goldman Strebnick

Over the past 20 years, I have been on numerous teams from waterfronts to inner city developments with clients varying: developers, landscapers, city agencies & redevelopment agencies and more. I learned from one of the best, Karin Bacon, whose work in this field along side her event work is unmatched. Through my experience as an event producer, I have come to understand the importance of considering all aspects of a space with the public in mind. Recently, I took on the role of District Director for a historic waterfront, learning from the other side the challenges with implementation of ideas. BAH has come full circle with experience and is one of the few who has walked in these many aspects.

We work on teams or can lead by bringing together the best professionals to guide your process. This work includes site evaluations, feasibility studies, case studies, public outreach, stakeholder meetings, charrettes, physical design of public areas, programming and activation plans, and implementation.